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Kelly Smith celebration match - really dissappointed.

04Feb., 2017 | 11:52 pm

I've followed women's football for the last few years and I have huge respect for Kelly Smith, her achievements and what she's done for the game.

So when she announced her retirement in January with a not called it, but equivalent of a testimonial match to be played at Borehamwood on 19th February, I booked tickets to see her play one last time.  (And a hotel as I don't like to travel 2.5 hours each way in one day, so wanted to make a weekend of it!)

Now it turns out she's not playing as she's 3 months pregnant.  Whilst I congratulate her on that, I can't help but feeling a bit conned, as it was less than a month ago that the match was announced and she must have known she was pregnant then, so I feel like I've bought tickets under false pretences.

I'm just glad my hotel booking is cancellable, as unless the "star XI" side (which still hasn't been announced yet!) has some execeptional players that I want to see, I won't be making the effort to get to the game, as my reason for going was to see Kelly play.

I just wonder if other people feel the same, but I guess, I'll never know.

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Carly Telford at the bar

07Mar., 2015 | 02:13 am

Sooo what did you do yesterdayy.... I jus chilledddd by the bar all afternoon

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Sooo what did you do yesterdayy.... I just chilledddd by the bar all afternoon #jump

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look up from your phone!

15May., 2014 | 12:31 am

I wouldn't normally forward links etc, but this one got to me, and I can't think how true it is.  So here it is:


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Happy Bah Humbug!

25Dec., 2011 | 09:52 pm

It's that time of year again.  I seem to have escaped most of the build up to christmas this year, which I'm grateful for.  But one article on the BBC news recently, caught my eye which was something along the lines of christmas being under attack.  The article seemed a bit against what it referred to as the US trend of referring to "Happy Holidays" rather than "Happy Christmas".  It's not a phrase I've heard used here in the UK, but I like it.

So, "Happy Holidays" one and all!

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(no subject)

22Dec., 2011 | 11:22 pm

Happy Birthday [info]reeseszymanski

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Vixen - RIP

18Oct., 2011 | 12:29 am

Since I first heard about women's week in Provincetown, back in 2004 and visited, the Vixen has been the main women's bar in town.  I stayed there 2006-2009, only moving elsewhere last year as the hotel prices had gone up, and with fewer people I knew going to be there, a cheaper hotel room with a fridge won the day.  I wasn't able to go this year, although I then heard that it had changed hands and shut at the end of September for refurbishment.  To me, a women's week without the Vixen is unthinkable.

Now it seems, it is to be no more, as I've just seen this link posted on the VLR yahoo group:

I don't really know why I feel a sense of loss, as I wasn't there this year, but that's how I felt reading the news article.  I know things move on and change.  Chasers bar in Ptown shutdown, maybe the second year I was there, but the Vixen seemed to be a constant, even though the ownership changed hands.

So thank you to the Vixen for the many happy hours/memories you've given me, I'll miss you!

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01Jan., 2011 | 12:20 am

Happy New Year!

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Weird things

27Dec., 2010 | 02:52 am

Last night when I was sat on my sofa, drinking a glass of wine, talking to a friend of mine on the phone, there was a knock on my door. I igonored it.  At the second knock  I stopped my phone converstation as if I can hear people on the street, I'm guessing I could be heard.  The third knock rattled my whole door.

To put this in perspecive, nobody ever knocks on my door, other than occasionally a  friend of mine and maybe the postman.  

So, to be honest it freaked me out a little bit.  I was at home on my own at 9pm on christmas day, having had a few drinks, so there was no way I'm going to open the door.  Turns out I got a note today from my neightbour, saying they had a parcel for me, so I'm guessing that explains the knock on the door. D'oh!

The other weird thing is that at 07:40 this morning I  got a "withhold number" call .  Twice if memory serves, but when I did wake up later  I did wonder if I dreamt it all until I checked my call history.  The call woke me up and I cancelled it, but then I got a text mesage from "zlgonzalez" with three words in a language I couldn't even guess at.

So I'm currently a little freaked out.  The Door knocking I now have an explansion for.  But this mornings early phone calls and foreign texts, I have no explanation for.

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Happy Christmas!

25Dec., 2010 | 01:22 pm

Or as I prefer to say: Happy Bah Humbug!

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(no subject)

22Dec., 2010 | 08:20 pm

Happy Birthday reeseszymanski

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